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Episode 1: What is Golf Sustainability?

Welcome to the Golf Sustainability Podcast! Hosted by John Failla, a passionate golfer and sustainability expert, this podcast delves into the crucial environmental and social aspects of golf sustainability. With a background in corporate sustainability, John merges his love for golf with his deep industry knowledge to help sustain the game for future generations.

In this introductory episode, John introduces himself, sharing his golf journey from a high handicapper to a golf enthusiast, and his professional experience in sustainability. He emphasizes the importance of three dimensions of golf sustainability: environmental sustainability (supply side), social sustainability (demand side), and economic sustainability, highlighting how they are essential for the industry’s future.

John discusses the podcast’s mission, vision, and guiding principles, centered around helping the golfing community succeed, amplifying the success of others, and creating a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals.

He outlines the podcast’s content, covering topics such as environmental sustainability (water conservation, wildlife management, waste recycling, energy management), social responsibility (expanding participation, inclusivity, off-course concepts), and economic sustainability as the lifeblood of the industry.

This podcast is for golf course owners, superintendents, architects, PGA professionals, and industry associations, all dedicated to advancing sustainability in golf.

Join us on this journey to explore the intersection of golf and sustainability. Subscribe to the Golf Sustainability Podcast on your favorite platform and connect with us on social media for daily insights. Share your thoughts and ideas for future episodes by emailing John at John@GolfSustainability.

Get ready to embark on your golf sustainability journey and make a positive impact on the environment, society, and the future of golf. Tune in and start your sustainable golfing adventure today! 

Topics Covered

  • Introduction and Overview (0:03 – 0:52)
      • Introduction to the speaker and his background.
  • Passion for Golf (0:52 – 2:07)
      • Speaker’s personal connection and passion for golf.
  • Professional Background (2:07 – 3:30)
      • The speaker’s career in business and sustainability.
  • Mission and Vision (3:30 – 5:15)
      • The mission and vision of Golf Sustainability.
  • Guiding Principles and Values (5:15 – 7:05)
      • The guiding principles and values of Golf Sustainability.
  • Podcast Focus – Environmental Sustainability (7:05 – 8:45)
      • Discussion of environmental sustainability in golf.
  • Podcast Focus – Social Responsibility (8:45 – 10:11)
      • Discussion of social responsibility in golf.
  • Economic Sustainability (10:11 – 11:21)
      • Importance of economic sustainability in the golf industry.
  • Target Audience (11:21 – 12:14)
      • Who Golf Sustainability is for, including owners, superintendents, architects, PGA professionals, and associations.
  • Conclusion and Call to Action (12:14 – 13:10)
    • Encouragement to listen to the podcast, subscribe, and engage with Golf Sustainability on social media.aill

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