Preservation for Future Generations


Golf Sustainability is dedicated to serving the industry with the information, connections and inspiration needed to advance sustainability of the environment and the game of golf for future generations.We’re committed to forming a coalition of industry leaders and organizations who are aligned with our mission.


Of the Environment

Enlightened golf industry executives are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Intelligent implementation of environmental best management practices tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have the potential to deliver the dual benefits of resource conservation and improved financial performance. Golf Sustainability will inform and encourage the industry to adopt best practices in water, chemical, land and energy management that can deliver these dual benefits.



Growing the game of Golf and enhancing its reputation are central to ensuring the future sustainability of golf. Increasing access to the game by developing initiatives to raise awareness of golf as an accessible and inclusive sport and promoting golf as a game that does not discriminate by age, gender, ability, or ethnicity can all contribute to greater participation in the game. Rethinking the game to include innovative formats like nine holes, three holes, night golf, Topgolf, simulator centers and more can also contribute to growing the game. Golf Sustainability will provide insights and developments in efforts and opportunities like these to help ensure the sustainability of the game.

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